Eckstreme Double Deck Cool

In addition to the Eckstreme Double Deck Box Trailer, Van Eck also has a Double Deck Trailer in a refrigerated/freezer version. The experience Van Eck has gained in the past years in the field of double deck trailers in combination with more than 60 years of experience in refrigerated/freezer vehicles make this refrigerated/freezer double deck trailer a unique, high-quality and extremely innovative product.

Insulated bodywork
The walls have been insulated with polyurethane and pure polyester resin, united through glass fibre and roving (the so-called wet-on-wet method). This wet-on-wet method guarantees an extremely high insulation value, while preventing delamination of the walls.
The binding joints in the walls, consisting of a combination of polyurethane foam and glass fibre, serve to connect the interior and exterior laminate and provide extra wall reinforcement. Due to the extreme high sidewalls of 3.700 mm, this reinforcement is a primary requirement.
The insulated lower deck has also been manufactured in accordance with the wet-on-wet method. In order to reinforce the integral body and frame, glass fibre reinforced transverse beams have been fitted in the floor. Either bulb plate or a polyester non-skid coating can be chosen as top layer of the lower deck.

ATP certificate, class FRC optional
After years of development, Van Eck is able to supply a Double Deck Cool Trailer with ATP certificate, class FRC. As such, Van Eck is the first and only provider in the market able to do so. Although an ATP certificate is not obligatory in all European countries, the quality mark does show that the bodywork meets this standard and therefore achieves a proven, high insulation value.

Multi-temperature refrigerating unit
The refrigerating unit on the semi-trailer is fitted with two evaporators, one for the upper loading compartment and one for the lower loading compartment. This makes it possible to transport goods in the trailer at different temperatures.

PIEK noise certificate optional
The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailers can also be supplied with a PIEK noise certificate, making loading and unloading suitable during evenings and nights. The measures involve a noise absorbing coating on the floor, an insulated wall that blocks out any noise produced, a low-noise tail lift and a Carrier cooling system with an encapsulated diesel engine fitted underneath the second loading deck. By loading and unloading outside the so-called window times, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%.

Increased versatility thanks to hydraulically adjustable intermediate floor
A hydraulically adjustable intermediate floor in the vehicle is an interesting option. The hydraulically adjustable intermediate floor makes the trailer suitable for a larger target audience. In the lowest position, the floor creates an internal loading height of 2,230 mm on the upper deck, which is equal to the loading dock height. The maximum height on the lower deck is 2,387 mm. The adjustable intermediate floor further generates enormous savings in time during loading and unloading and thus considerable savings in cost.

Engine room
The ‘engine room’ of the trailer is situated between the gooseneck floor and the kingpin plate. It accommodates the following:
•   The air tanks of the brake and air suspension system
•   The electronic height adjustment valves for the air suspension (ECAS)
•   The roll-stability system
•   The EBS brake system
•   The PLC control system of the lift floor
•   The electro-hydraulic unit of the lift floor and tail lift
•   The hydraulic tank for the lift floor and tail lift
•   The batteries for the lift floor and tail lift
•   The sprags
•   The storage compartment for the remote control cable
Service mechanics have easy access to the ‘engine room’ through the built-in service hatchways.

Loading capacity

Loading capacity Twin Deck Trailer Cool

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