7-pallet semi-trailer or 7-pallet combination

Air cargo pallets come in various shapes and sizes. In conjunction with air cargo companies and an airliner Van Eck has developed a 7-pallet semi-trailer and 7-pallet combination, the Eckspressive, especially suited for the transport of lower deck pallets in combination with main deck pallets and jumbo pallets. In 1982, Van Eck developed the first 7-pallet combination followed by the 7-pallet semi-trailer one year later. In 2005 and 2008, driven by an increasing demand for CO2-reducing and cost-saving vehicles, Van Eck launched a renewed version of the two vehicles.

The Eckspressive 7 is a gooseneck mega semi-trailer with a height of 3.250 mm behind the gooseneck. The semi-trailer is fitted with three hydraulically adjustable intermediate floors and an automatic loading and unloading system. This makes it possible to transport 7 air cargo pallets in a single vehicle.
Thanks to the three independently adjustable intermediate floors, the vehicle can also accommodate 4 main deck pallets or jumbo pallets with a main deck pallet of up to 2.780 mm in height placed on the gooseneck. This makes the vehicle multifunctional, giving the carrier the freedom to decide whether 4, 5, 6, or 7 air cargo pallets need to be transported per trip.
A smart construction makes it possible to use the fully automated roller conveyor system twice in order to load and unload the air cargo pallets on the lower and upper deck. The upper deck folds into the lower deck to enable the use of the roller conveyor system. The adjustable floor immediately behind the gooseneck includes two lifts on top of each other that can be interlocked pneumatically. One of these two lifts ensures that the feed roller section can be lifted from the lower deck, as a result of which an air cargo pallet can be fully automatically loaded and unloaded on the gooseneck also. The entire system meets the Lufthansa standards and is fully computer-controlled.
Thanks to an increase in volume of 43%, fewer trips are required to transport the same load, generating considerable savings in terms of labour, toll and fuel. The latter also results in a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions.
A carrier using a conventional mega trailer needs no less than 7 trips to transport 28 air cargo pallets, whereas the Eckspressive only needs 4!

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