Eckcellent for Meat Cargo

Transporting meat is characterised by a high level of specialisation and specific product knowledge. Since food safety is not to be compromised in any way during transit, the transport of meat is subject to stringent regulations such as HACCP, COKZ and the General Food Law. The requirements set to carriers by shipping agents are therefore extremely tough.
A number of specialisations can be distinguished in meat transport. They include frozen meat, cooled meat and hanging meat. Van Eck has gained many years of experience and expertise with regard to specialisations in meat transport. The transport of hanging meat requires specialist transport material. As the weight of the meat is suspending from the roof of the vehicle, the bodyworks requires reinforcements in various places in order to prevent the semi-trailer from tilting or breaking. In order to guarantee the bacteriological quality of the products, the quality of the bodywork must meet various requirements.

Constant temperature
All vehicles for transporting meat are equipped with insulated bodyworks. The bodywork has been insulated with polyurethane and pure polyester resin, united through glass fibre and roving (the so-called wet-on-wet method). The panels, synthetic load-bearing beams and binding joints are pressed under high pressure. This construction method guarantees an extremely high insulation value. As a result, the temperature in the trailer remains stable and the quality of the meat is secured. The vehicles are further fitted with a high-quality refrigerating unit that monitors and controls the temperature during transport.
The bodyworks can be supplied with an ATP certificate, class FNA or FRC. Although an ATP certificate is not obligatory in all European countries, the quality mark does show that the bodywork meets the relevant standard and therefore achieves a proven, high insulation value.

Bacteriological quality
Our baffle plates are integrated in the floor and pressed into the sidewalls. This means that the plates are not glued and no fastening material is used, such as pop rivets. As a result, accumulation of bacteria behind the baffle plates is not possible, thus reducing the risk of problems during HACCP and COKZ inspections.
Eckstra reinforced bodywork
It needs no further explanation that suspending the load calls for special requirements to the strength of the bodywork. Van Eck manufactures the bodywork in accordance with a construction in which reinforced supports are integrated in the bodywork with glass fibres. This reduces the danger of tilting or breaking of the semi-trailer. No wood or metal profiles are used to reinforce the walls. All additional reinforcement is made of synthetics (rather than wood or metal profiling), preventing thermal connections between the interior and exterior walls. This construction further guarantees the transport company a very long life cycle. Despite the heavy load on the material inherent to this type of transport, the average life span of these trailers is around 14 years.

Hanging meat combined with a two-compartment system
A vehicle for transporting hanging meat can also be supplied with a two-compartment system. The semi-trailer is split into two compartments by an insulated flexible wall which can be secured in the bodywork widthwise. The insulation wall, made of a polyether mattress with a welded bisonyl canvas, has openings in the top for the hang rail system and can be used in any place in the semi-trailer. The insulation wall can also be removed and stored in a special storage space underneath the loading deck.
The evaporators are positioned at the rear and front end of the semi-trailer. The rear evaporator is positioned against the roof, where the rail for the hanging meat has been lowered a few dozen centimetres in order to accommodate for the refrigerating unit.

Large number of equipment options
The transport vehicles for hanging meat offer a large number of equipment options. Various meat hanging systems can be chosen from that can all be connected to the abattoir rail system, with or without additional storage for the hooks, with rolling or gliding hooks, zinc or aluminium profiles, five or six lanes. Additional reinforcement plates in and/or against the walls can be installed wherever deemed necessary.

Customised advice?
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