Eckcellent for Flower & Plants Cargo

The Netherlands are world-famous for their flowers. More than 11.8 billion flowers are marketed through the four United Dutch Flower Auctions in the Netherlands. Nationally and internationally, some 20 million flowers are transported to buyers or shops each day. The majority of flowers are transported by road.
Transporting flowers does involve a certain expertise. This is because the value of flowers and plants is partly determined by the manner in which they are transported. Since flowers and plants have a high water content, regulation of the atmospheric humidity in the cargo hold during transport is very important. This reduces the development of fungi and spores while the products can be kept fresh for longer. In addition to the atmospheric humidity, the temperature and the temperature distribution also affects the quality of the goods. Even in the event of high temperatures, like in summer, the flowers must reach the customer in perfect condition.
Van Eck has many years of experience in the development and production of transport means, especially for the transport of flowers and plants. By manufacturing our own chassis and bodyworks and customizing refrigeration units we have been successful. Our products can be fully tailored to the customer’s needs and specifications.

High insulation value means high-quality flowers
Van Eck has developed a number of transport solutions that fully meet the special requirements for transporting flowers and plants. The panels of the bodywork have been insulated with polyurethane and pure polyester resin, united through glass fibre and roving (the so-called wet-on-wet method). This wet-on-wet method guarantees an extremely high insulation value that is unique in the world. In addition, the panels we use are closed. This means that the panels are also closed at the front ends. In panels that are not closed water can enter, causing the bodyworks to get damaged, significantly reducing the insulation value in the process. Our closed panels guarantee an extremely high insulation value, retaining the best possible quality of the flowers and plants under all circumstances.

Maximum loading level for CC containers (Danish trolleys)
A high loading level of the vehicle is a precondition to flower and plant carriers. Van Eck has various solutions available for the use of CC containers (Danish trolleys) that provide maximum loading capacity. Van Eck transport solutions makes it possible to load and transport 49 or 50 CC containers.
Options for fast and efficient use of transport means
Thanks to our many years of experience, Van Eck can provide you with comprehensive advice in terms of maximum efficiency in deploying transport means. For instance, there are various options to take on a different type of return load. Van Eck has built multiple vehicles which the customer can use for both air cargo and flower transport. In order to load and unload quickly, a truck combination for flowers can also be delivered with a specially developed load-through system. This enables you to save time and provide your customers with a prompt service.

Customised advice?
We would be pleased to further inform you on the possibilities that will give you a head start in your logistical service provision. For further information or questions about our transport solutions, please contact the Sales department. You can also leave your details by completing the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.