The longer and heavier vehicle combination for distribution transport without dolly!

A longer and heavier vehicle combination that meets the practical requirements of distribution transporters

Before Van Eck started to develop the Urban ECKCO2MBI , they listened first. They listened to the wishes and needs of carriers in the distribution transport sector. As a result, they can offer the market a transport solution that is perfectly attuned to the everyday practice of distribution transport: the Urban ECKCO2MBI , a longer and heavier vehicle combination for distribution transport without dolly.

This transport solution, a longer and heavier vehicle combination consisting of 2 city semi-trailers of 10,650 mm, enables the carrier to cover long distances and deploy the vehicles separately for city distribution.

The Urban ECKCO2MBI , in addition to the combination of 2 x 10,650 mm city semi-trailers, is also available with two semi-trailers measuring 9,500 and 11,850 mm or with two semi-trailers of 8,235 mm and 13,600 mm.

Urban ECKCO2MBI : 2 x 10,650 mm city semi-trailers
1 LZV - 10650 + 10650 GEKOPPELD

2 LZV -10650 +10650- LOSGEKOPPELD

Urban ECKCO2MBI I: 1 x 9,500 mm and 1 x 11,850 mm
3 LZV 9500+11850 GEKOPPELD

Urban ECKCO2MBI I: 1 x 8,235 mm and 1 x 13,600 mm
4 LZV - COMPLEET 8235+13600

The innovation: a sliding (auto-controlled) axle system
A sliding (auto-controlled) axle system underneath the front vehicle makes it possible to convert 2 city semi-trailers into a longer and heavier vehicle combination. A separate dolly is no longer needed. The front city semi-trailer has three axles, providing the best possible weight distribution.
The front axle is a rigid axle that can be raised automatically. In the extended / longer and heavier vehicle position, the carrier uses three axles. In the retracted position, the carrier automatically uses two axles.
The second axle is a caster axle. In view of stability, this axle is automatically blocked when driving more than 35 km/h in the extended / longer and heavier vehicle position. This axle is automatically blocked in the retracted position.
The third axle is fitted with a forced stub axle. This axle steers in reverse in both the extended and retracted positions. The vehicle is fitted with forced stub axle steering and as such provides a lot of stability in the event of transverse forces, e.g. when driving through a bend.
A fifth-wheel coupling is fitted above the third axle in a lowered position. Its coupling height is the same as that of the tractor unit.

Controlled axle system under the rear city semi-trailer
The rear city semi-trailer has a total of two axles. The front axle is a rigid axle. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the front axle can also be constructed as a lifting axle. In order to stay amply within the turning circle, the rear axle is fitted with forced steering.

Smart steering systems reduce damage and tyre wear
Thanks to the smartly designed steering system of two semi-trailers, the distribution transporter can easily access places in confined spaces, such as in inner cities. As a result, the risk of damage is strongly reduced, while tyre wear is kept to a minimum.

High volume reduces costs and significantly cuts CO2 emissions
The Urban ECKCO2MBI  enables the carrier to link up two city semi-trailers. With one city semi-trailer the carrier must make two trips to transport 84 roll containers, whereas this vehicle can do it in one.
Thanks to this high volume, the Urban ECKCO2MBI  comes with a large number of advantages. It generates gigantic savings in driver and fuel costs and reduces CO2 emissions by approx. 30%.

2 vehicles instead of 3 means less shunting
Contrary to longer and heavier vehicle combinations with a separate dolly, the Urban ECKO CO2MBI, thanks to its extendable axle system, consists of two vehicles instead of three. The carrier saves a lot of shunting time by using two vehicles. At the same time, no separate dolly needs to be left behind and collected later.

PLC control provides additional safety and speed when coupling and uncoupling
During the development of the Urban ECKCO2MBI I, a lot of attention was paid to the safety of the vehicle and the speed of coupling and uncoupling of the rear vehicle. The entire extension and retraction process is fully PLC-controlled from the cabin. Locking and unlocking too can be controlled fully automatically, which also applies to the telescopic movements of the support legs and the locking and unlocking of pneumatic, electrical and ABS connections. This means that the driver does not have to leave the cabin for any of these processes and is able to save a lot of time when coupling and uncoupling. The safety of the driver is guaranteed during any of these processes.

Minimum number of axles
The development of the Urban Urban ECKCO2MBI  was focused on using a minimum number of axles. The Urban ECKCO2MBI  with 2 city semi-trailers has a total of 5 axles. The other two models have a total of four and five axes respectively.

High net load capacity
The development of the Urban ECKCO2MBI  further focused on creating the highest possible net load capacity. The net load capacity of both city semi-trailers (on the basis of 2 axles) is approximately 16,500 kg. This value is of course higher when using 3 axles.

Loading ramp systems
Both city semi-trailers can be fitted with loading ramps. The rear city semi-trailer can be fitted with loading ramps that close either upward or that slide underneath. The front city semi-trailer can be fitted with a portal lift. Thanks to our twin deck trailers, we have ample experience with the use and application of portal lifts.

Fast loading and unloading by means of a load-through system
For fast loading and unloading, the Urban ECKCO2MBI  can be fitted with a load-through system. In that case, the cooling system on the bulkhead is replaced by a cooling unit mounted underneath. The loading ramp platform of the lift of the front semi-trailer can then be used as cross-over platform.

Refrigerated version with Dutch PIEK certificate and high insulation value
The Urban ECKCO2MBI  offers multiple superstructure options: refrigerated for the transport of conditioned goods or a plywood superstructure for dry goods.
The Urban ECKCO2MBI  conditioned model provides a high insulation value. The bodyworks consist of a patented construction in which all reinforcements are synthetic. This fully excludes thermal connections between the inner and outer sides to guarantee a high insulation value, even after many years of service. This in its turn saves energy, which is beneficial to both the commercial operation and the environment.
When using the Urban ECKCO2MBI  for night distribution services, the vehicle can be supplied with a PIEK noise certificate. Both semi-trailers can be fitted with a cooling system on the bulkhead.

Sustainable vehicle
The Urban ECKCO2MBI is built using sustainable materials. By using sustainable materials, the trailers last extremely long. This means that throughout the service life of the trailers, savings on total costs far exceed the slightly higher investment costs. Furthermore, a long service life means less consumption of relatively scarce raw materials, which is better for the environment.

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