CO2-reducing transport solutions

Within Europe, sustainable transport is becoming increasingly important. If we do not improve transport efficiency now, the goods flow will rise by approximately 21-35% until 2020. 
In terms of the development and production of sustainable transport solutions, Van Eck has played an exemplary role in the sector for years. We believe it is important to make a contribution to sustainable transport and actively reflect on environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

The main theme of our product developments is to increase loading capacity and produce CO2-reducing transport solutions. Partly by applying new technologies, we help carriers to meet both the economic requirements and the increasingly stricter legislation and social pressure regarding environmental issues. Within this context, we believe that caring for the environment is a perpetual duty towards future generations. An added advantage of applying sustainable materials is that the operational life cycle of our vehicles is extremely long. This means that the savings on the total costs throughout the life cycle of the trailers far exceed the slightly higher investment costs. Furthermore, a long life cycle means less consumption of relatively scarce raw materials, which is better for the environment.

Since Van Eck has substantial in-house knowledge in the field of sustainable transport solutions, we make our expertise available on a regular basis. Van Eck is for instance a partner in the Platform for Aerodynamic Road Transport which has set itself the target to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions within road transport by 20% until 2020. For further information, please visit