The heritage of an innovative family business

Van Eck is a Dutch family business with more than seventy-nine years of experience, expertise and growth. In 1912, Johannes van Eck started a bodywork company at Kortenhoevenseweg in Lexmond. In the beginning, he manufactured farmer tools such as wheelbarrows, milking stools, wooden cabins and folding trailers.
In 1932, Johannes van Eck and one of his four sons swapped the farmer wagons for cabins and loading platforms on A and T Fords. After a fire in 1961, the company moved across the road of Kortenhoevenseweg.
In 1966, the cool technical part, Transfrigo BV, was added. Subsequently, in 1986, a fire engine plant was purchased in Beesd, at Oude Waag 24. The plant in Dongen closed down and the staff stationed at Dongen moved along to Beesd. Here Van Eck focused on the production of (semi-)trailers. At the same time, the Lexmond branch started to increasingly specialise in maintenance, repairs and bodyshop work.

Volume profit as theme

Increasing loading capacity has been the main theme in production development at Van Eck for decades.
In 1969, the company built the first semi-trailer for transporting polyether foam. The first model increased transport volume by eighty percent. The current compression truck versions have a twin loading deck and a fully automated loading and unloading system and can load up to four hundred percent more than conventional semi-trailers.
In 1982, Van Eck was the first bodywork manufacturer to build a short-coupled centre axle trailer. One year later, the truck trailer combination for five main deck airfreight pallets was introduced, again the first to do so in the market. In 1984, this was followed by the truck trailer combination for five main deck airfreight pallets with an internal height of three metres.
Innovative landmarks

1912: Company formation by Johannes van Eck
1912: Production of wheel barrows, farmer wagons and milking stools
1932: Production of loading platforms and cabins
1950: Production of buses
1962: Production of first refrigerating bodyworks
1966: Formation of Transfrigo BV
1978: Start of the production of semi-trailer and trailer chassis
1969: 1st compression semi-trailer offering 250% more volume
1969: Start of cooperation with Unitrans
1982: 1st short-coupled centre axle trailer
1982: Mobile Exhibition Trailer
1984: 1st five main deck airfreight combination
1984: Steinwinter/Super Cargo
1997: Ro-Ro (Roll on Roll of) Trailer
2000: Opening of service branch at Schiphol
2002: Eckstreme Twin Deck Trailers with 60% more volume
2004: 1st Longer and heavier vehicle Combination
2005: Opening of service branch in Lexmond Lakerveld
2005: Eckspressive 7: 1st seven low deck airfreight combination
2008: Eckspressive 7: 1st seven low deck airfreight trailer
2008: Ecksclusive Foam Combination: compression vehicle offering 400% more volume