A great mix between theory and practice

Are you looking for a combination between a challenging job and learning? At Van Eck, you can earn money and get a qualification at the same time.
When you take up a study at a Regional Training Centre (ROC), you can choose from two training programmes; the BOL programme or the BBL programme. BBL stands for a block or release course and BOL is vocational training.
Working and Learning (BBL)
BBL is a combination of learning and working. BBL means that you will have classes one day per week, while you work for a recognised company on the remaining four days. Practical experience is gained during the time you work. Theory and guidance is provided at school. Working and learning involves a practical training contract that your enter into with us, your school and Kenteq (Metal Sector Knowledge Centre). This guarantees proper guidance. You will also sign an employment contract with us: you will receive a salary for the work that you do.

Learning and work placement (BOL)
BBL is a combination of learning and work placement. BOL means that you will have classes five days per week, while every now and then you will do a work placement assignment for an approved work placement company. Work placement involves signing a work placement contract and completing an assignment. When you have finished your study, you can continue to work for us. That makes things a lot easier. You will know exactly what working at Van Eck entails and we know what your qualities and abilities are.

Approved work placement company
Van Eck is an approved work placement company for various study programmes. Check out our certificates via the download options below.