Baden-Württemberg approves LHV

IMG_1449After a lot of lobbying by Daimler the German State of Baden-Württemberg has come round: LHVs can drive on three road sections. Daimler and the State are cooperating on the trial that will start within a few weeks. The German Transport Ministry announced the trial in Baden-Württemberg last month.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Head of Daimler Trucks Division, appeared delighted with the ‘yes’ from the authorities. “We can now finally demonstrate the ecological benefits of the LHV. There is also now scope for other carriers in Baden-Württemberg to discover the benefits of this concept.” The trial does in fact mean that not only Daimler can use the LHV on the section it wishes, but that other transport companies can also drive an LHV on it. The German Minister of Transport in Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann, also welcomes the trial. “We can now see on a scientific basis whether the LHV is really better for the environment than other trucks.”

The trial in Baden-Württemberg is being carried out on the A81 between Würzburg and Herrenberg, the A8 from Beieren in the direction of Karlsruhe and the A5 from Karlsruhe to Rastatt. This involves in total around 350 kilometres of ‘Autobahn kilometres’.

Source: TTM